Walkout from Closet and start promote fashionable underwear

Walkout from Closet and start promote fashionable underwear

Someone asking why Pro Men Store (PMS) only selling sexy underwear? 

Yea, PMS founded at 2012 and it's almost 9 years plus! We started with few friends who love the men underwear especially very fashionable and designer men underwear. 

Initially we started from Facebook, WeChat until we have the stable customers, we move everything to as well as Shopee official store.

We source the sexy men underwear around the markets and wish to share to those have same interested friends and customers so the PMS online store established. 

We focus of the sexy collections such as jockstraps and thong, see thru translucent series, because we believe same interested fans and friends would love to see all sexy collections (we call it minimalist) from the same area instead of searching around different platforms. 

After few years, we added in more briefs and trunk series for our customers who are working adults, and students who need all day wear with more flexibilities and dynamic. 

We also added sports and lounge series to allow our customers have some options for home wear! 

Check out more from us! Sure you will get more items that you want! 

Men Underwear Enthusiast, 


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